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iTeam Resources offers high quality RF Security Systems

iTeams RF security systems If you library or school media center is in need of a new RF security system that is completely compatible with existing Checkpoint tags in your books than your in luck. Unlike other systems that have come and gone in the past, iTeams RF security antennas for libraries are made to last.  Built on a  high quality metal and plexiglass frame, this system has advanced digital signal processing and reduces the likelihood of false alarms due to environmental influences...
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iTeam Top Pick by Library Journal

iTeam 2015 Logo
PRODUCT: Re’Quest, Print Quest, Wireless Printing Company: iTeam Resources Re’Quest computer reservation management and Print Quest print management are part of iTeam’s modular “Quest Suite,” which also includes self-service payment card management, reporting tools, and cost recovery equipment management. Re’Quest and Print Quest can operate as stand-alone solutions or work seamlessly with other iTeam modules. iTeam president Megan Newell says that the company’s development process is drive...
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