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iCount Thermal People Counters

iCount Thermal People Counter – Count Your World!

IP Counter Hardware

The IRC3000 is a thermal imaging device that detects body heat and converts this into counts. This high performance product has a 98% accuracy together with invisibility to the users.


Key advantages

  • IP Based
  • Base unit can be expanded to 100 counters anywhere on your libraries network
  • Improved Algorithms
  • Configuration for each specific site
  • High performance
  • Ease of installation
  • Remote set-up over IP
  • Back-up and Restore
  • Wide openings
  • Power Injector over CAT5
  • Adjustable count lines (In and Out – Left or Right)
  • Ceiling height up to 30 feet +
  • Custom Reporting

iCountIT PDF Brochure

D-Tech IP People counter Manual v.3