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iTeam Top Pick by Library Journal

PRODUCT: Re’Quest, Print Quest, Wireless Printing
Company: iTeam Resources


Re’Quest computer reservation management and Print Quest print management are part of iTeam’s modular “Quest Suite,” which also includes self-service payment card management, reporting tools, and cost recovery equipment management. Re’Quest and Print Quest can operate as stand-alone solutions or work seamlessly with other iTeam modules.

iTeam president Megan Newell says that the company’s development process is driven by input from its customers. Unique features include the ability for individual terminals to authenticate users from different systems—such as an integrated library system or a student database—and bill different types of users accordingly.

“We’re seeing a trend of mixed resources,” Newell says. “Some of our university libraries are also allowing public library patrons [to use their computers].”

Other librarian-inspired features include the administrative ability to lock down in-session computers remotely and the option to set up split-time reservations for libraries that close temporarily during the day. For libraries interested in making available printing via tablets, smartphones, laptops, and other patron-owned devices, iTeam offers the Quest Wireless Printing module, which includes a web-based interface for sending documents to a library printer.

Source:Library Journal

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