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RF Book Security Systems


iTeam’s RF Security Antenna system provides superior perimeter based protection for all your library materials. Our RF Gate Reduces false alarms and increases the staff’s confidence in handling alarms.

iTeam’s RF Gates are recommended for Libraries where traditional EM systems are not appropriate or where enhanced protection is required or just to replace your old RF system for peace of mind and taking advantage of a further 12 months warranty.

Packaged in a durable metal frame with attractive Plexiglas alarm panel, the RF Security Antenna system will provide an obvious deterrent with an aesthetically pleasing design.

Works with the complete range of iTeam & checkpoint
   8.2– 9.5 or 10.0 MHz RF labels, cards and pockets
   As well as items already RF tagged in your library
• iTeam’s advanced digital radio frequency technology uses state of the art      digitally enhanced “receiver to chip” technology to ensure superior detection with false alarm- free protection
• Integrated alarm lights and sound
• Detection height over 70” (1800mm)
• Mounts as a “free standing” unit bolted to the floor
• Standard silver grey – color option are available at an extra cost

iTeam RF Security PDF Brochure

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