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Library Cards/Student ID’s

iTeam is your one sources for library cards and student ID’s

iTeam has been supplying library cards and student id cards for over a decade.  We can design and provide any style of card with any option, in any quantity.

  • simple library cards
  • library combo cash cards
  • student id cards
  • combo cards with rechargeable mag strip to hold cash balance
  • black and white
  • full color
  • printable

Click this link to send us your card inquiry and specifications for a free quote.

Library Cards Designed Your Way

  • Combo Cards.
  • Smart Cards.
  • Mag Stripes.
  • Signature Panel.
  • Single or Multi-Color.
  • Photo ID Systems, iCard Cash Cards.
  • Card Readers/ Re-evaluators.
  • Cash Payment Systems and POS.


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