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Hardware Support Services

Our iTeam Technical Services Department is responsible for support issues concerning hardware products.


Hardware Support Programs

Our Hardware Support cost is always based on a detailed custom quote as the support requirements are always associated with the type and amount of hardware involved.


Our hardware support agreement includes the following:


  • Unlimited phone support to troubleshoot any hardware issues

  • Equipment firmware updates when required*

  • Unlimited e-mail support

  • Parts and labor**

  • Free mag stripe command cards when appropriate for the equipment. A total of 5 are provided for each device.

  • All of the appropriate reference material and manuals

  • All Installation manuals

*Firmware for flash is e-mailed, E-PROMS are replaced and returned.
**Except parts lost/damaged by misuse, vandalism, theft etc.


Labor Rates:
In Shop: Quoted when necessary
Daily On-Site Installation Rate: Quoted when necessary/day, plus expenses

Depot Center: 

Orlando, Florida

Terms and conditions:

All taxes, tariffs and other like charges are extra. FOB Orlando. Net payable at time of invoicing. All products are warranted for 90 days.