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Quest E-Commerce Solutions & PCI Compliance

The Quest eCommerce solution provides the ability for Libraries and Institutions to collect outstanding Fees and Fines in a self-serve environment. This gives your Patrons the ability to pay for any outstanding values without the involvement of staff members. Once the values are paid the ILS system in use will reflect the payment.

The outstanding values may be paid with Cash/Bill vend stations, Credit/Debit cards and through an on-line balance account if on-line balance accounts are being used, or a combination of any of the above. If a combination of the above is being used the Patron would make the choice of how the value is to be paid.

The solution may be installed in a number of ways:

Quest Kiosk – Stand alone self serve kiosk.

The Quest Kiosk is a stand alone secure kiosk placed in a location within your Library or Institution which allows the Patron to pay Fees and Fines. This is a multi-function kiosk which also allows the ability to act as a Print release station.

The Patron would simply identify themselves to the kiosk and follow the easy to understand menu options to make the choice of the operation required. The patron could choose to release print jobs, if this option is configured, or choose to pay Fees and Fines and depending on the options allowed pay for these Fees and Fines with Cash, Debit/Card or with an on-line Account Balance. The kiosk may also be used to add value to a Patron’s on-line balance with either cash or Debit/Credit cards.


Self Checkout Systems.

The eCommerce solution may also be installed within Self Checkout systems within your Library or Institution. We currently support a number of popular Self Checkout systems.

Within this type of environment, the self checkout system would provide a functional choice to allow access to the Fees and Fines payment option. From this option the patron may choose how to actually pay for the Fees and Fines and once paid return control back to the self checkout unit for further processing.

PCI Compliancy

 The Quest SuiteTM eCommerce solutions are PCI Compliant. Please read more here.

If you have any further questions about our eCommerce solutions please contact us and we will gladly discuss your requirements.