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Library RFID from the inside

Library RFID from the inside By Chris Gabriel 4-5-15 RFID GENESIS In the beginning… RFID has been around for decades, and was first developed by the military to identify friendly aircraft in World War II. It has come a long way since then and there have been some very lofty concepts for this technology. Some have made our lives much easier and some never made it to the light of day. Library RFID is fortunately a concept that made it to reality, and regardless of who you talk to almost ev...
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Want RFID? Not Sure How to Get Started?

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Product: RFIQ Company: D-Tech Not sure if your library is ready to make the switch to RFID? D-Tech’s RFIQ System provides perimeter-based library material protection while laying a migration path for full RFID capability. Where traditional EM or RF security systems are inappropriate, RFIQ intends to fill the gap. “The most exciting new product for book security is the D-Tech RFIQ Library Material Security System,” says D-Tech’s Emmett Irwin. “This system allows libraries to transition fro...
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