Print Quest - Print Cost Recovery

Print Quest is a flexible, innovative, powerful, and economical software application designed to manage, control, and recover stand-alone or network printing costs in a pay for use or declining account balance environment.

Unique features include

  • Simultaneous operation with a card system and database
  • Scheduling to allow periods of free prints a must for computer lab environments!
  • Ability to link to patron or other database
  • Multiple and simultaneous payment options
  • Ability to operate in both a stand-alone and network environment
  • Compatible with all major circulation databases

    Print Quest is scalable, from a single computer to complex networks. As an organization you can start off in a less complex environment and as your needs change and grow over time, scale Print Quest to meet the increasing complexities. Print Quest is server independent, that is, we don't require a server to have the system run. Depending upon your individual method of operation a server may be recommeded for the central housing of on-line account balances, or if you would like to provide cross campus printing to multiple sites at the same time. However this is all easily configuarable depending upon your individual needs.

    Print Quest is compatable with all Windows environments and Novell Networks.

    Print Quest is also compatable with all major cash card and coin/bill systems on the market today. If you have a cash card system in place which we have not accounted for then let us know and we will incorporate that system into our software for you, free of charge. The system is also compatable with the major SQL Database systems such as Oracle, MSSQL, MySql, etc. for declining account balances. If you have a unique database interface of team of dedicated developers will work with you to incorporate it into our software.

    Print Quest is also the most customizable print system on the market. You can easily customize the look and feel of the product for all screen images, text, colors, and even change the error messages to suit your individual preferences. We are also dedicated to having the system operate in the manner you want and our developers will adjust the system to suit your individual needs, of course without a charge.

    We also provide demo versions of our software where you can set up a fully functional print cost recovery system in your environment. This allows you to see first hand how easy and efficient print quest can manage your printing environment. At the end of the trial you don't need to reinstall the system, just ask us for a release code and your demo version becomes your live print cost recovery system.

    Print Quest includes 2 distinct modules

    Pop Quest - Desktop Print Control

    Desktop Software which is installed on each patron/client workstation. The software monitors print jobs, calculates number of pages in print job, the cost of the print job based upon number of pages, and can be linked to the patron database for on-line payment balances. Free print pages can be set up by patron and be automatically renewed daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly.

    Multiple pricing schemes may be implemented when pricing the print job including pricing for color printers, black and white printers, and even for the application which is submitting the print job.

    Once the patron has completed the print request, Pop Quest appears on the Computer Desktop detailing the total pages and the total cost of the print job. The patron may elect to send the print job to the printer, or, cancel the print job immediately. This provides greater control for the patron on which print jobs to actually send to the printer.

    The patron may also, depending upon how the system is configured, name the print job for easy retreival at a Print Release Station. If the system is configured to allow optional Print Passwords to be attached to the print job the patron may enter a password. When the print job is to be released at the Print Release Station the password must be entered for the print job to be printed.

    Print Quest - Print Release Station

    Print Quest is the dedicated computer which provides the ability for patrons to review the print jobs submitted from the desktop computers and select the print jobs to be printed. The print release station will only list the print jobs for the appropriate patron, therefore ensuring confidentiality when printing.

    The Print Release Station is normally situated in a central area of the patron desktops. The Print Release Station is also the responsible for payment of the print jobs through the use of a payment solution such as a Coin/Bill Station, a Cash Card, or a declining account balance.

    Software is installed on a dedicated print release station PC to allow users to pay for print from a centrally located station using coin, bill, and/or card or declining account balance. The release station PC can also act at the print server where required. The release station monitors print jobs, calculates number of pages and job cost and can be linked to the patron database

    Operating Environments

    Print Quest can operate in the following environments:

    Stand-alone - Print Release Station only:

    Print Quest can perform in the environment where there is only a dedicated Print Release Station and all the Desktop Computers print directly to the release station. The Release Station would then take on the role of all management of the print jobs including routing, page counting, pricing and cost recovery.

    Stand-alone - Pop Quest Desktop Control only:

    In this type of environment the Pop Quest Desktop Control would take on the role of print job routing, page counting, pricing and cost recovery of print jobs. The print jobs would not go to a release station but instead print directly to either a locally attached or network printer.

    Peer-to-peer network:

    Where there are no servers involved in managing the print system. The Print Release Station acts as the print server.

    Local building server network:

    Where the print management system makes use of local servers contained in the building.

    Central campus server network - LAN/WAN Environment:

    Where a central server or servers available throughout the environment are available for cross campus printing. That is, submit the print in one building and physically release the print in another building.

    Operating systems Environment:

    All Windows environments, Novell, NT, Citrix, Thin Client

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